Action TV: Criminals vs Cops

Watch the worlds dumbest criminals, drunk drivers, cops, robbers, wildest police chases and accidents caught on tape. This app gives users access to real, full length videos of some of the worlds most shocking footage ever caught on tape. With access to thousands of video footage this tool is a must for anyone who wants to get their adrenalin going.

Watch hundreds of clips and clip compilations with a total of over 50 videos of the best caught on tape footage. Watch the funniest accidents, stunts, pranks gone wrong, stupid people, idiots caught on tape, criminals, crashes, extreme sports and everything else you can imagine, from dumb people jumping off of roof tops to idiots falling off of bridges, this app has it all. And now we know what is wrong with society...The best and most shocking out takes of things not imaginable, most of these subjects are not using the logical tools and faculties nor do they regard their safety or anyone else for that matter.

After watching the endless videos included here in this app you will likely say to your self, now that's what I call stupid! If you can believe that such creatures could even exist, you better believe it, the morons are here and ready to invade. Watch our test subjects become overexposed and chase their own tail, to them life is good, to the viewer it is even better.