Find bitcoin ATMs in the United States with "BitMap App (US Edition)," over 80 ATM locations in 20+ States

12/15/2014-U.S. skeptics can say what they want about bitcoin, but the U.S. is by far the biggest bitcoin fan in the world, or at least when it comes to having the most bitcoin ATMs. With over 80 bitcoin ATM locations spanning across more than 20 States, bitcoin is truly becoming an American superstar, and knowing American history of dissent from central banks, bitcoin is a revolutionary grassroots currency that will give a whole knew meaning to the term "1776."

With bitcoin ATMs on the rise and the wide adoption of bitcoin use sprouting up all across the globe, it is no wonder that consumers and merchants alike are becoming more heavily involved with the crypto currency, and with the recent news of moguls like Square, PayPal, and Microsoft now accepting bitcoin payments, it is only a matter of time before the wide spread use of bitcoin is embraced by the general public as a gold standard payment solution.

Earlier today, Apptyze released "BitMap App (US Edition)," a bitcoin ATM locator app for Android smartphones and tablet devices, which is available on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Android. GPS enabled and powered by Google Maps, users can now find any available bitcoin ATM within the United States territory at no cost. Other features include the Coin-Chat Pro, live chat room application, social wall, and bitcoin classifieds, which was released back in November, 2014. A series of bitcoin ATM locator apps are expected to be added to the Apptyze app portfolio and  released over the next several months.