Incident Report Writer Pro for Android Mobile

A simple and easy to use application for report writing, designed by a security industry professional for fellow security, loss prevention, and protection officers.

Whether you are working mobile patrol, access control, posted at a booth, or performing perimeter checks, Incident Report Writer Pro can come in handy when you need a quick means of reporting an incident. Just open the application, select Incident Report Writer, complete the incident form, including the email to which you want the report sent to, select "submit," and your finished. It's that easy.

After submitting an incident report, users will receive the report via email address entered into the report writing form, with a complementary .pdf version attached to the email.

Designed by a former law enforcement and security industry professional, with experience in manning various security posts (armed and unarmed), including; airport/transportation security (U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security), federal contracts (Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Guard), mobile patrol, bank protection, state and city government contracts, and corrections.

The developer of this application understands the importance of good report writing, having the tools necessary to do so, and the simplicity by which the job can be completed easily and more effectively. Cheers.