Masonic Gold Square & Compass Live Wallpaper (available on both black or white background)

Keep mindful of the Great Work by setting this as your live wallpaper, and enjoy the rotating Masonic Square, Compass and Sun, on a brilliant white background. "Masonic Live Wallpaper" taps directly into the world known symbol and insignia of freemasonry, long kept a secret and later popularized by Albert Pike, most famous for his authorship of Morals and Dogma, the mysteries of the Masons serve as a reminder of how humanity has come a long way, from caves to constructing fortresses during the times of King Solomon, to our current modern era of smartphones.

Simply looking at this live wallpaper rotating reminds us of the universal continuum of life and the never ending swinging pendulum of motion. This wall paper also makes great for morning meditations to get the brain gears moving and prepare you for your day, encompassing the ancient mysteries of Judeo-Christianity, whether York or Scottish Rite, or Shriner, the symbol is that representing a universal truth, that is, the brotherhood of Man, and an order designed for "making good men better."

The square and compass have always been an essential tool of masonry, and coupled with one another have made up what is known as the secret symbol of the masons since the times of the Knights Templar, whereby masons would recognize one another by this symbol. This emblem or signature brand can be found on cornerstones of buildings, in front of and around masonic temples, on masonic jewelry, on monuments, and in front of public and commercial buildings established by Freemasons.

This live wallpaper is a must have for any adept or student of Masonry and anyone with a particular interest in this fraternal order of humanity. Get the Masonic Live Wallpaper (White) on the home screen of your device and rest assured that this compass and square are guiding you the right way in the path of uprightness.

*After the application is downloaded, users must first set this live wallpaper from their home screen/wall paper settings.