Binary Gospell Music Album & Retro Style Game: Project Summary

Raspberry Pi Project: Hip-Hop Album & Retro Game from Saint Ignatius of Cyberspace on Vimeo.

Binary Gospell brings music, retro gaming, and computing all together in this little but powerful Raspberry Pi project. The idea behind the project is to create a classic '90's era sound hip-hop album which will run parallel with a retro game themed to specifically reflect the album's musical content, with each audio track corresponding to a level within the retro game in all aspects.

Retro Game

The retro game will be a classic 2D side-scrolling platform game (ex. Super Mario Bros) comprised of approximately 10 levels which correspond to the 10 track music album, and will be designed and created on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ using PICO-8 fantasy console for the gaming development side of the project.

Music Album

The Binary Gospell LP music album will focus on delivering a sound that resonates with the uplifting soulful and funky '90's era sample based conscious hip-hop with an overtone of live instrument play (ex. The Roots), while the lyrical content and rhymes will be driven by principles of lyricism which will cover a wide range of topics belonging to the lifestyle of a typical millennial geek, from computer coding, Raspberry Pi, cryptocurrency, aliens, human psychology, and the vast universe we live in, to important social and political issues that are in the best interest of the public which we currently face. The lyrical content will be limited in the use of profanity, thus, is expected to be suitable for most audiences.

Binary Gospell LP vocals will be recorded with the open-source audio editing and recording software "Audactiy" using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, USB microphone, and the Pisound sound card by Blokas. Pisound is a MIDI interface, and ultra-low latency high-quality sound card which is designed for Raspberry Pi. The only other equipment used in the recording process will be an additional phantom power equipped MIDI interface as the microphone power source.

After recording, editing, and mixing, the vocals will then be transferred to a desktop computer for additional mixing, post-production, and mastering.

The musical side of the album will feature a combination of sampled content, original production, including that by Saint Ignatius of Cyberspace, alongside royalty free music licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

About the Artist/Creator

Saint Ignatius of Cyberspace is no newcomer to the hip-hop scene and has recorded a multitude of songs under other previously used pseudonyms, with his first album being published in 2003 at the age of 17, remaining musically active up until early 2007, and most recently re-emerging with the singles "Dinosaurs (Tribute to Bitcoin and Blockchain)," "My Raspberry Pi (A Love Song)," and "Disgruntled Secret Squirrel (Russian Collusion)," under the new assumed stage name St. Ignatius of Cyberspace.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, St. Ignatius immigrated to Long Beach, California when he was 8, where he grew up and first became familiar with the hip-hop music scene, learning the essentials of music production, recording, video choreography, and live stage performance.

In addition to music, his work and occupation have taken him many places, thus providing invaluable life experience from having held a vast variety of jobs, having worked security, customer service, marketing, law enforcement, and public safety.

St. Ignatius of Cyberspace brings a new hip-hop style which is founded on principles of old-school era hip-hop focused on delivering listeners meaningful lyric rich content which maintains the uplifting spirit and essence of hip-hop music, all the while bringing up topics which are pertinent to our current and modern times. St. Ignatius of Cyberspace can best be classified as underground geeky hip-hop, bringing a refreshing creative touch to the music scene which clearly illustrates the remaining remnants of old-school 90's era hip-hop but with a new school twist.

Schedule and Budgeting

The musical side of the project is expected to take approximately 2 months to complete in all of its entirety, with 3 of the musical pieces already written and recorded, which will be re-recorded on Rapsberry Pi with Pisound for the purpose of the project.

The retro gaming development side of things is projected to take an additional 2 months for completion.

The entire project is expected to take approximately 4 months to complete, given that the achievement of a successful fundraising campaign goal is met, which can be as early as October 2018.

Once the project is completed and made available to the public, the digital version of the music album will be made free at no charge or cost. The retro video game will be publicly made available through Lexaloffle Games.

Contributors to the fundraiser will receive a complimentary copy of the retro video game in addition to the rewards listed in their respective rewards tier.

All proceeds from fundraising will go towards financing the project, and will include; studio time (writing, recording, mixing, and mastering. This is the time required to create the music and not actual "studio time" in a traditional sense), time required for game development (8-12 hours per day), pressed hard copies of the music album (500-1000 copies), promotion of the final product (music video, social media, search engine optimization, etc.).

Why This Project Matters

This project is important because it brings together classical hip-hop, computing, and retro gaming, setting a new precedent on all fronts which adds value to the evolution of each and every component involved in the creative process of this project from start to finish. All in all, this project is not just an item or an object, but a creative adventure will encompass a critical era of inception for gaming and hip-hop music, recreating and captivating the originality which has become the building blocks of our modern time gaming and music technologies.


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Contributors will receive a Digital copy of music album "Binary Gospell LP" by Saint Ignatius of Cyberspace via mobile app, supported on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, and digital download of retro game (which can be delivered via PICO-8 web cart player, or exported to stand-alone HTML5, Windows, Mac and Linux apps.)

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In addition to a digital copy of music album via mobile app (supported on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms) and digital download of retro game (via PICO-8 web cart player, or exported to stand-alone HTML5, Windows, Mac and Linux apps.), contributors will get a limited edition autographed copy of the music album on CD.

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In addition to a limited edition hard copy (CD) of the music album "Binary Gospell LP", digital copy via mobile app (Android, iOS, and Windows), and digital download of retro game, contributors will also receive a basic "Saint Ignatius of Cyberspace" T-Shirt which is available in three different versions (pixilated retro game style "bitcoin," or "raspberry", or the original music album iconography themed artwork version.)

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In addition to a limited edition hard copy (CD) of the music album "Binary Gospell LP", digital copy via mobile app (Android, iOS, and Windows), and digital download of retro game, contributors will also receive a premium "Saint Ignatius of Cyberspace" T-Shirt and Hoodie which are available in three different versions (pixilated retro game style "bitcoin," or "raspberry", or the original music album iconography themed artwork version.)

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