Root Android

Article by Saint Ignatius of Cyberspace

There are several ways to root an Android device, some of which may seem easier than others, however, if you take the time necessary to root your Android, you will be grateful in the long run as not all rooting methods are equal. I have tried several different rooting methods in the past and learned through trial and error on which rooting methods are best, and will be going over my preferred rooting method for Android which has personally worked for me.

(*Note, rooting will void its warranty and could potentially damage your device. Please do some research before attempting to root any device.)

The ODIN + Root File Method

You will need:

  • An Android device
  • Computer (laptop/desktop)
  • USB cable
  • Odin (software) and necessary files (for Tablet download here) or (most Android mobile devices download here)

(*do your research first to be sure your device is rootable and compatible with the above downloadable files)

Part 1

  1. Download Odin + Root file from above link.

Part 2
  1. Back up any data which you wish to keep.

  2. Connect device via USB to your computer (laptop/desktop).

  3. Activate "Developer Mode" on your device. On most devices, this can be accomplished by going into Settings/About Phone/Device and then tapping the "Build Number" seven times, after which your device will prompt you of the change if performed successfully. 

  4. Power down your device.

  5. After the device is shut down, hold the "Volume Down + Home button + Power button" to send your device into "download mode." If done successfully, your device screen will display the option of "Volume up: Continue," or "Volume down: Cancel (restart tablet). Press "volume up."

  6. After pressing the "volume up" button to continue, your device will start downloading. During this time open Odin software on your computer.

    1. On Odin, add the file  "degas.tar" to AP section and select "start." In the message section of Odin, you should receive a confirmation of "Added" and your device will auto reboot once it has downloaded the file.

    2. As your device restarts, don't let it reboot into Android. Instead, press "Volume Up + Home button + Power button," and you will get an options menu which will say "Team Win Recovery Project" at the top. From the options menu, select "Reboot" from the lower right corner of the screen, and then select "System" from the following screen, followed by swiping the "Swipe to Install" icon.

    3. Your device will reboot. Let it.

    4. Once your device has booted up, find and select the "Super Su Installer" app which should be listed in your applications.

    5. Select TWRP, and then hit "Continue." Your device will now again "reboot."

    6. After the device restarts, go to Google Play and download, install, and open "Busy Box." Once
      Busy Box" is open, select the "Install" tab at the bottom of the screen. 

    Congratulations! Your device is officially rooted.