Super Hacker Starter Kit for Android (an application aggregate)!zWpw2aaT!Qo00MBpCfzS156trC0Z8bR1Bue3nU1KyOW606eVMU-U

Super Hacker Starter Kit Pro for Android is an Ethical Hacking Tools application aggregate portal of over 50+ apps available on the Android native platform. Most of the applications featured in this app require a rooted device, to which instructions and necessary files are also included (ex. Odin, Samsung USB drivers, root file).

This application is perfect for beginners, is free from advertisements and pop-ups, and provides a description of the application and direct download links to only the .apk files selected by the user. The applications contained herein provide the following;

-Exploitation Tools
-Forensic Tools
-Hardware Hacking
-Password Attacks
-Sniffing and Spoofing
-Vulnerability Analysis
-Wireless Analysis
-and more

Some of the apps featured are AntiNet-Work, Android ID Changer, APK Extractor, GPS Spoofer, Arpspoof, Bug Detector, Busy Box, Chameleon Browser, Device Faker, Droid Sheep, DroidSqli, Droid Pentest, Drone Watcher, CSploit, Change My MAC, Facesniff, Fing, Haven, IMEI Changer, Intercepter NG, Market Helper, User Agent Spoofer, Kali Linux for Android, WPS Connect, Wifi Tester, Xposed Framework, zAnti (Zimperium), VNC Viewer, SSH Droid, TorGuard VPN, Orbot, Orfox, NMAP, Network Spoofer, Hack Code, and more.