Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

In order to develop blockchain solutions and perform penetration tests for smart contracts, organizations must regularly investigate blockchain vulnerabilities. While security is integrated into blockchain technology, even the strongest blockchains come under attack from modern cybercriminals. Although you may believe that there are sufficient security measures in place on the network, your website is still vulnerable to cryptojacking. This is further proof that blockchain is not really as secure as we tend to think. 

A highly recommended approach is to conduct simulated attacks to detect vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. Penetration testing can help you build a more robust security posture and identify future vulnerabilities that you may uncover.
Because security is at the heart of many blockchain companies, it is critical to take vulnerabilities seriously. Pen tests are rigorously conducted by those responsible for the security of blockchain cryptocurrencies and centralized and decentralized applications.
We are a cybersecurity company specializing in serving blockchain organizations with proprietary research and technology. We conduct our pen tests to OWASP standards using the latest techniques and tools to identify even the most subtle vulnerabilities that could pose a threat to our customers and their communities. In addition, we will provide real-time updates to begin fixing as soon as a vulnerability is found.
We address the most complex environments for our clients, including the U.S. government, the private sector, financial institutions and government agencies, with solutions and capabilities that include a managed security service, and continue to set the standard for blockchain security by providing the best incoming security solutions for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets. 
Effective blockchain testing helps organizations securely build and use the technology as a connected infrastructure. The impact of security hacks can be much greater than with traditional technologies, making cybersecurity services of the utmost importance.
The test process comprises a combination of security testing, data analysis and data security analysis. 
Penetration tests ensure that key retention is as secure as possible by being performed as securely as possible. 

Since the blockchain network consists of peer-to-peer nodes, it is extremely important to be able to synchronize them all. For this reason, it is extremely important to test the synchronization between nodes to ensure that the process runs quickly and efficiently. Post-Penetration tests provide valuable insights into the security of the network and the performance of the individual nodes. The company can then make the necessary adjustments to improve its operations and business.