Offensive cyber security uses ethical hacking techniques to mimic a cyber attack, rather than relying on pure analysis and responding to findings with preventive measures. This method exploits security vulnerabilities and can eliminate the guesswork about what might happen during an attack. The student presents a list of cyber attackers who want to exploit the system, such as hackers, cyber criminals and cyber criminals.
Cyber security is an important part of the defense against malicious attacks as well as the prevention of cyber crime and cyber espionage. The term can be divided into a few common categories and is used in a variety of contexts, from business to mobile computing. 
Individual users and companies must follow cyber security advice, equip their computers with updated security software and technology, and have their systems checked by a qualified computer technician if necessary. Authorities urge computer owners to be informed about available cyber security technologies to ward off threats and attacks.
In February 2020, the FBI warned US citizens that they were at risk of trust fraud by cyber criminals using dating sites, rooms and apps. The FBI reported that 114 victims in New Mexico were affected by the cyber threat, with financial losses totaling $1.6 million. As cyber threats continue to grow, the International Data Corporation predicts that global spending on cyber security solutions will reach a massive $133.7 billion by 2022. Governments around the world are responding to growing cyber threats with guidelines to help organizations implement effective cyber security practices. 

Our robust and comprehensive approach to cyber security focuses on a wide array of computer security related subjects, and our assessments range from standalone networks to full facility inspections, whether you are looking to secure a computer network, or an entire business establishment (including IoT devices), we have the solution to meet your organizational needs.