Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence, which refers to non-classified information and includes everything that is freely available on the web. Common open source intelligence sources include the National Security Agency (NSA), the CIA, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies. A wide range of open source information is available to the public and private sectors.
OSINT, or Open Source Intelligence, helps you find and obtain information from available public sources. OSINT is not classified and available, but links searched by search engines such as Google do not always access it. That's right, although it's "not secret" and "available," some information that is publicly available online is so open that you'll miss searching for it when you don't even know it exists. You either miss it by looking at Google, or you don't search at all, and that's not right. 
By researching different sources online, you can better understand what companies, individuals, groups, and countries are planning, but it is not always easy to find.
Security agencies working to prevent the next crime or attack must use all available means to collect targeted information. Attacks on innocent civilians can be planned and carried out by terrorist groups, terrorist organisations and other criminal organisations. Given that websites provide unprecedented levels of intelligence to security agencies, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a valuable tool for those working to solve crime online.
OSINT is merely an area of investigation consisting of unlimited individual tools that are used non-invasively. OSINT is referred to in its most technical form as Open Source Intelligence, a military term, but can also be found and collected in any number of other ways as long as it is available.
Technically, anyone who knows how to use these tools and techniques to access this information is said to have used this process. Web and social media are the primary sources, and include public records such as published records of public events, news reports, and other public information.
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is data from publicly available sources used in an intelligence context. A large amount of actionable and predictable intelligence is obtained from public and non-classified sources. Open source sources, such as public records, news reports, and social media, as opposed to covert or secret sources, are being overtaken by publicly available but not necessarily classified sources of information.