Pen Testing

Penetration tests are often confused with other types of safety tests such as Ethical Hacking. What sets it apart from these services is that it is not purely theoretical, but actually tests the network to see where the weaknesses are and what happens if these weaknesses are exploited.
Pen testing involves a method designed to explore the network to identify potential vulnerabilities and then test whether the vulnerabilities are real. As a result, pen tests can have a significant impact on the security of your network and your business. If penetration tests are performed properly, the results can allow network professionals to make decisions about fixing problems on a network that are detected in a pen test. 
The main purpose of pen testing is to improve network security and protect against future attacks across the network of connected devices. As a result of a network penetration test, you will be able to look at your system through the eyes of an experienced network - security experts who will find out where you can improve your security posture. Red Team Security's network penetration testers have the ability to support your network system hosts, so they don't just try to break into them. 
Consultants create written reports and give your team the ability to effectively address the issues that have been identified and address them in the future. 
Penetration testing of the white box occurs when network professionals collect data and information connected to the network and its architecture. A network is often the nervous system, which stores the information of the organization and controls its communication.
This form of pen testing is used by companies that want to ensure that every single aspect of the network is as secure as possible. If a company wants to get its entire network up and running, from its network infrastructure to its data centres, it needs excellent penetration tests carried out by reputable companies to ensure that everything is tightly sealed. This type of pen-test is more akin to an audit and provides a comprehensive approach to security testing. 
It can be notoriously difficult and often impossible for a company to effectively identify and analyze their weaknesses. Fortunately, this is why there are network penetration tests - to identify the most important vulnerabilities in a company's network and its network infrastructure.

Knowing exactly which weaknesses are easiest to exploit and how attackers can penetrate them is the most important IT knowledge you can have in your company today. Penetration test specialists have the right training and experience, thus, the systems become more easily accessible.

If you want to be a functional company oriented on information technology security, the first step is to perform penetration tests. Hiring Pen Test specialists with a strong working knowledge in the field of ethical hacking will ensure your systems' are thoroughly analyzed with a fine tooth comb and tested.

A penetration test begins with a security expert listing the target network to find vulnerable systems and accounts. This means scanning all systems on the network for open ports running services and for services that are enabled or disabled.

We follow strict guidelines on standardized penetration testing services with pre-screened support services to quickly address potential vulnerabilities and prevent adversaries from having an impact on network systems, be it in the private sector, or federal, state, and local governments.
Our penetration testing services are designed to target a company's infrastructure and identify important assets for which protection is provided. We start by profiling the system, looking for vulnerabilities and omissions that can be exploited, and then use that information to further penetrate the network. Once the initial identification phase is complete, we test the most critical systems with trusted users.
If you are looking for an expert to help you with a weak point scan or penetration test, then we are here for you. Once the test has been performed, you will be informed of how the weaknesses can be remedied and we will present a report on the results.
We offer both on-site and remote testing to ensure that we are able to evaluate your network and meet regulatory requirements in the way that is most convenient for you. If you need to report our penetration tests on your company, we will be happy to help you. IT security is an art - and we are an accredited provider of cyber security services to private and public organizations.