Security Research

New vulnerabilities are constantly discovered by talented security researchers, so you need to keep up to date with releases on the vulnerability. There is no shortage of investigative work on security vulnerabilities carried out by well-meaning and ethical security researchers.
We are committed to working to investigate and resolve reports such as these in line with our Vulnerability Reporting Policy. The derogation for computer security research requires certain standards regarding the way in which research is conducted and the results published.
The time taken to resolve a validly reported vulnerability will vary depending on the impact of the potential vulnerability on affected systems. Security researchers and attackers use targeted queries to find sensitive information that is not intended for the public. However, the vast majority of attackers will tend to look for common misconfigurations that they already know how to exploit, rather than simply looking for systems that have security vulnerabilities.
Whether medical, financial or even market-based, we have the skills for all types of research, in whatever field. Many security experts lack the familiarity and expertise to address vulnerabilities. Hackers who want to probe networks don't really care what assets you have on your vulnerability assessment checklist. More important is the need to shift security to the left where possible, and in some cases it is up to developers to integrate automated vulnerability assessment tools into the programming environment to detect vulnerabilities while they are still easy to fix.
A vulnerability assessment is a process that identifies potential weaknesses in your environment, where you actually have someone poking around to see if you're going to break through. Whitehat hackers perform a vulnerability analyses to create a to-do list of vulnerabilities that you should test. So remember that vulnerabilities on the surface are just as important as vulnerabilities in the code, no matter how well you handle them.