Signals Intelligence (SIGNIT)

Signal intelligence (SIGINT) is the collection and analysis of signal intelligence from electronic communication and electronic communication. As the name implies, it is intelligence derived from the interception of a signal, including communication signals, electronic emissions and telemetry. The two main subgroups of SIGint are COMINT (communication intelligence), which is obtained by excluding open radio and television broadcasts, and ELINT, or electronic intelligence, which is derived from non-open communication signals such as telephone calls, faxes, emails, text messages, etc.
Signal intelligence can be used by governments around the world to gather information about communications such as phone calls, emails, text messages and other communications. In combination with other software, it can be used to collect information about a person's location, time and location. It can collect and produce information without formal demands from those who have an official need for information, including law enforcement, intelligence and intelligence agencies, or even private companies.