Commandline Utilities

A command-line tool that can be used for banner grabbing is called: netcat

Which of the command-line utilities listed below can be used to perform a port scan? Nmap

Which of the answers listed below refers to a command-line packet capturing utility? Tcpdump

The ip command in Linux is the preferred replacement for: ifconfig

What is the name of a Linux command-line utility that can be used to display TCP/IP configuration settings? ifconfig

Which of the following command-line commands in MS Windows are used for resetting the DHCP configuration settings for all adapters? ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew

Which ipconfig parameter allows to view the physical address of a Network Interface Card (NIC)? /all

Which of the following answers lists an ipconfig command parameter used for displaying the full TCP/IP configuration information for all adapters? /all

Used without any parameters, ipconfig displays the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway for all adapters. True
What is the name of a Windows command-line utility that can be used to display TCP/IP configuration settings? Ipconfig

The arp command can be used to perform what kind of resolution? IP to MAC

Which command in MS Windows displays a table consisting of IP addresses and their resolved physical addresses? arp -a

Domain information groper (dig) and nslookup are command-line tools used for DNS queries. Both utilities are available on Windows and Linux. Of the two, nslookup is the preferred tool on UNIX-like systems; dig is the default DNS query tool for MS Windows. False

Which of the following CLI tools is used to troubleshoot DNS-related problems? Nslookup

A Linux command-line utility for displaying intermediary points (routers) an IP packet is passed through on its way to another network node is known as: traceroute

A network command-line utility in MS Windows that tracks and displays the route taken by an IP packet on its way to another host is called: tracert

Netstat is a command-line utility which can be used for: Displaying active TCP/IP connections

A security technician was asked to configure a firewall so that the protected system would not send echo reply packets. What type of traffic should be blocked on the firewall to accomplish this task? ICMP

A command-line utility used for checking the reachability of a remote network host is called: ping