Common Vulnerabilities

A situation in which an application writes to an area of memory that it is not supposed to access is referred to as: Buffer overflow

Which of the terms listed below describes a programming error where an application tries to store a numeric value in a variable that is too small to hold it? Integer overflow

A situation in which an application fails to properly release memory allocated to it or continually requests more memory than it needs is called: Memory leak

The purpose of a downgrade attack is to make a computer system fall back to a weaker security mode which makes the system more vulnerable to attacks. True

A collection of precompiled functions designed to be used by more than one Microsoft Windows application simultaneously to save system resources is known as: DLL

Which of the following terms describes an attempt to read a variable that stores a null value? Pointer Dereference

A predefined username/password on a brand new wireless router is an example of: Default configuration

A situation in which a web form field accepts data other than expected (e.g. server commands) is an example of: Improper input validation

Which of the terms listed below describes a type of attack that relies on executing a library of code? DLL injection

In the IT industry, the term "System sprawl" is used to describe one of the aspects of poor asset management process. True

An e-commerce store app running on an unpatched web server is an example of: Vulnerable business process

Which of the following violates the principle of least privilege? Improperly configured accounts

What is the best countermeasure against social engineering? User education

Which of the answers listed below describes the result of a successful DoS attack? Resource exhaustion

Zero-day attack exploits: Vulnerability that is present in already released software but unknown to the software developer.

After feeding an input form field with incorrect data, a hacker gets access to debugger info providing extensive description of the error. This situation is an example of: Improper error handling

An effective asset management process provides countermeasures against: System sprawl, Undocumented assets, Architecture and design weaknesses.

Which of the following factors pose the greatest risk for embedded systems? Inadequate vendor support, Default configurations

Which of the terms listed below refers to a software that no longer receives continuing support? EOL (end-of-life)

A malfunction in preprogrammed sequential access to a shared resource is described as: Race Condition