Harmful programs designed to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems are commonly referred to as Malware

Which of the following answers refers to an undocumented (and often legitimate) way of gaining access to a program, online service, or an entire computer system? Backdoor

Malicious code activated by a specific event is called: Logic Bomb

Which type of Trojan enables unauthorized remote access to a compromised system? RAT

Which of the terms listed below applies to a collection of intermediary compromised systems that are used as a platform for a DDoS attack? Botnet

A malware-infected networked host under remote control of a hacker is commonly referred to as: Bot

Malicious software collecting information about users without their knowledge/consent is known as: Spyware

What is adware? Software that displays advertisements

Which of the following answers lists an example of spyware? Keylogger

A collection of software tools used by a hacker to mask intrusion and obtain administrator-level access to a computer or computer network is known as: Rootkit

A type of software that performs unwanted and harmful actions in disguise of a legitimate and useful program is known as a Trojan horse. This type of malware may act like a legitimate program and have all the expected functionalities, but apart from that it will also contain a portion of malicious code that the user is unaware of. True

A standalone malicious computer program that typically propagates itself over a computer network to adversely affect system resources and network bandwidth is called: Worm

Malware that restricts access to a computer system by encrypting files or locking the entire system down until the user performs requested action is known as: Ransomware

Which of the terms listed below refers to an example of a crypto-malware? Ransomware

Which of the following statements apply to the definition of a computer virus? A self-replicating computer program containing malicious segment, Requires its host application to be run to make the virus active, Attaches itself to an application program or other executable component.