Yardstick One Hacking Antenna for Wireless Bluetooth-1 Ghz

YARD Stick One has a CC boot loader installed, so you can update the RFCat and install your own firmware without additional programming or hardware. The RfCat allows you to control the wireless transceiver from your computer by running your own programs on it. It can receive and transmit digital radio signals with a frequency of up to 1 GHz. Sources: 1

WebSDR-28 is a software-based radio (SDR) that covers the spectrum between 10 kHz and 30 MHz. WebS DRBbe is a project initiated by Pieter Tjerk Boer, which allows access from one browser to several sdr receivers worldwide and covers the entire shortwave spectrum. The Exciter uses an image output with alias name and delivers 1 - 2 W / rf in the FM and UHF range. Sources: 1

DSP - based code with DSP and the ability to access the entire spectrum in the FM and UHF range as well as the spectrum between 10 kHz and 30 kHz. Sources: 1

D lab in the 1970s, Mitola invented its based software radio before it was possible to transmit digital receiver technology via software, while his IEEE publications led to a large global distribution of software radios. Military software radio was developed by Lt. Col. John Lackey and others in Rome, including Don Upmal, and other members of the Italian Air Force. In addition to the publication of the special edition of IEEE Communications Magazine and the article on Software Radio Architecture in May 1995, Lackeys and DW Up contributed to the article "Speakeasy Military Software radio" in IEEE Communication Magazine in April 1996. Sources: 1

Objects in the field of software radio, in particular the development of the "Speakeasy Military Software Radio" and its application in the military. Sources: 1

SDR Radio.com works very closely with leading hardware manufacturers to provide you with the best SDR experience available today. This software is designed for use in a wide range of applications in the field of software radio and provides a powerful interface for the S DR user. Defined is available on Wikipedia and can be downloaded from the official US Army website. Sources: 1

The software has been developed in recent years and regularly expanded with new features such as the possibility of multi-channel and multi-channel modulation and support for a variety of applications. Sources: 1

Several software radio applications use the open source SDR library DttSP, and amateurs are also experimenting with new modulation methods. The open source project DREAM Digital Radio Mondiale decodes with COFDM technology. The fast PC performs digital signal processing (DSP) with special software for the radio hardware. The S DR software performs a variety of functions such as filtering radio and audio frequencies. Sources: 1

The software is open source, free of charge and available to anyone with a Raspberry Pi or other computer. It can also be embedded in a variety of formats such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray, audio and video. Sources: 1

While the concept of the SDR is not new, the rapidly evolving capabilities of digital electronics have made practical many processes that were previously only theoretically possible. A basic SDR system can consist of a PC equipped with a standard radio frequency transmitter and receiver, preceded by a kind of RF front-end. Standard transceivers can then be integrated with the sdr receiver to create the ultimate solution. Sources: 1

One is an open source Bluetooth 1.4 GHz RF USB 1 GHZ MH transmitter and receiver, and one thing that sets ubertooth apart from other Bluetooth development platforms is its ability to send and receive signals at 2 - 4 GHz and monitor Bluetooth traffic in real time. The HackRF One is designed to enable the development of high-performance, low-cost Bluetooth devices. It is an open-source hardware platform that can be programmed as USB peripherals or for stand-alone operation. Sources: 1

The Ubertooth One's operating mode has been available in cost-effective WiFi modules for years and has found countless applications in research and development, security and auditing. There is no such solution for the Bluetooth standard yet, but this is by far the most powerful and powerful Bluetooth 1.4 GHz RF USB 1 GHZ MH transmitter and receiver on the market. It actually lists a number of advantages over other Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth 2.0 and Bluetooth 4.1. Sources: 1

Worked with a Raspberry Pi as an embedded Linux computer and perfected a computer-based radio scanner for the Ubertooth One. Worked on the RaspberryPi as a Linux embedded computer with an Arduino and a Bluetooth 1.4 GHz RF USB 1 GHZ MH transmitter. Sources: 1

The attack hardware consists of a Raspberry Pi connected to a 6TB hard drive and a database with a predefined key. The actual attack works by first bringing an RFID antenna and a radio into the car and periodically transmitting the vehicle identification code to the vehicle. Then the antenna is brought to the key fob of the next owner and presents itself as a car with the identification code.